Tutorial | Haciendolagoma | Cycling Manager
  • Haciendolagoma is a cycling manager where you will be able to manage you own cycling team and sign up new cyclists to participate in the most relevant cycling races during the season against your friends. You will be awarded with points according to certain criteria (top positions in every stage, daily GC leaders, mountains leaders, points leader, one day race winners, etc..). The target is to accumulate the highest number of points in your league and become the best cycling manager in all the trophies.
  • After each race, your cyclists will be awarded with the points according to certain criteria defined in the game rules. The total score will be calculated by the Computer. Each player will try to optimize the budget by buying and selling cyclists. Your cycling knowledge will not be enough to become a winner but also your financial and diplomatic knowledge due to every cyclist does only exist once in every league. You will need to calculate accurately to sign up Computer cyclists and also negotiate with other players in your league.
  • If you usually enjoy playing games like Comunio, Futmondo, NetLiga or former Managerdc, now you have the opportunity of having fun with this sport loved in our community.
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